The Return.

Workplace communication and our post-covid strategy Fiona Passantino, August 2021 With vaccination numbers rising, and case numbers plummeting, we’ve finally arrived. We are now at Post Covid. By now, we’ve all been in to the office at least once to wipe the dust off the fake plants and cautiously say hello to a few old…

epic mythic struggle and the covid virus

Lessons from Mythology

As our world becomes ever more complicated and our way of life more fragile, we need the skills of the ancient Storyteller and the tools of the Epic and metaphor to deliver us the information we need to survive as a tribe, and to inspire, to align and to remind us of who we are. In the post covid workplace we are deep in an unfolding epic of our own. Our human ability to be the signal amidst the noise of our current media landscape of pseudo- and hyper-connected social media, is more important now than ever before. 

Six tips for Better Crisis Communication

During a crisis, frightened humans need two things with equal urgency: the rapid communication of crucial facts and the feeling that we are not alone, that we are in this together. This article discusses the Crisis Communication Cycle, the “communicate-listen two step” lays out six easy steps for effective, next-level Post-Covid Crisis Communication for the Next Big Thing.