Engage, inspire, inform, connect your teams.

Engagement is about bringing our best selves to work, working together to inspire, inform and connect working teams.

Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable, report 41% lower absenteeism, are more likely to stay with a company and, most importantly, provide better customer service[i].

Improving employee engagement and company culture, communication, are a result of small incremental shifts in mindset and practice that, over time, add up to a full experiential transformation.

What are the options?

Hourly consultation

One-off sessions on location to explore and roadmap specific culture, engagement and communication challenges.

Keynote speaking

From 5 to 50 minutes. Keynote, panel, lecture or facilitation to introduce and animate any engagement topic for any occasion. 

Group training, coaching, workshops

Team-strengthening sessions, in-company group training for 5-25 people. Highly interactive, tailor-designed for specific topics and goals. Full-day sessions incorporate additional trainer specialists.

Private Professional coaching

One-on-one executive coaching for leaders on the move. A 6–8-month journey consisting of weekly sessions. Exploring and overcoming professional impediments, growing into an inspiring leader.

Embedded in-company work

What is the state of your current organizational culture? What are the barriers to employee connectivity, communication and engagement? An in-depth 6–8-month examination of the current cultural climate for a sustained result. 

Onboarding Design

The quality of organizational onboarding is the most important indicator determining employee loyalty, engagement and length of stay. This 6-8-month working project examines the quality and effectiveness of current onboarding practices and maps joiner personas to a re-designed journey map. 

What are the topics?

Any of these topics can be addressed either as a stand-alone topic

  • Improve Employee Engagement: Inspire and Connect Working Teams

  • Improve Internal Communications Towards More Connected Communities

  • Presenting with Power: Storytelling Design and Delivery for Leaders

  • Increasing Your Visibility as a Leader

  • Mastering Leadership Content Creation, from Podcasts to Thought Leadership

  • Managing Hybrid Teams

  • Visible Leadership Strategies and Approaches

  • Visible Leadership for Women

  • Building In-House Coaching

  • Creating Flow for Focused Teams

  • Ritual Auditing and Conscious Workload Reduction Planning

  • Infusing Joy and Laughter to Increase Creativity, Resilience and Performance

  • Onboarding Re-imagination for Long-Term Success

  • Communication of Change and Transition Management

  • Roadmap for Effective Listening

  • Storytelling for Teams and Leaders

  • Recycle not Re-Org: Strategies for People-centered Change

Who's the coach?

Fiona is a Culture, Engagement and Communication specialist, helping leaders and teams improve communication, listening, mentoring, visibility, authenticity, connection and community.

Focused, guided work, on-on-one or in groups help form conversations, build bridges, create new habits to inspire, connect and engage,

Contact Fiona for an initial consultation.

[i] Harter (2022) “Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Culture” Gallup Workplace. Accessed April 6, 2023. https://www.gallup.com/workplace/236366/right-culture-not-employee-satisfaction.aspx
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