Covid changed everything about how we live and work. The Post-Covid Handbook series will guide you through that change.

BOOK 1: Post-Covid Communication

Storytelling has been with us for millennia. Ever since the first cave-dweller accentuated their stories with paintings and carvings, using metaphor and mysticism, informing, entertaining and building that all-important emotional connection necessary to our survival. Now, those skills are more useful than ever as we tell our stories in the post-Covid workplace: communication advice for anyone with a story to tell.


BOOK 2: Post-Covid Engagement

Engagement is about bringing our best selves to the office, being heard, supported, feeing irreplaceable and free. This book is a road map for leaders at any level, at any organization, telling the story of Covid, offering a clear, research-driven roadmap towards our future of work. This is a book about engagement at work, written for this time in our history.

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