JUNE 5 & 9, 2023

Making ChatGPT Work for You: A Crash Course for Academics and Educators:
Jun 5, 2023 16:00 CET or Jun 9, 2023 09:00 CET

MAY, 2023

MAY 24, 2023

Professionals today need to produce meaningful content for internal and external audiences. ChatGPT can help increase productivity, open new language markets or spark ideas. Learn how to superpower your content creation with a series of free webinars geared to your field and function.

Making ChatGPT Your B*tch: A Crash Course for Communication Professionals,
May 24 @ 20:00 CET (Amsterdam).

MAY 16, 2023

Finalist at UK Business Book Awards

The Handbook for Post-Covid Engagement was shortlisted for the UK Business Book Awards! Fingers crossed for the final selection in May.

Watch the video announcement.

MAY 10, 2023
Fiona on
The Trust Show with Yoram Solomon: Does HR have a TRUST Problem? Watch on or search for The Trust Show wherever you listen to podcasts.

MAY 8, 2023
Guest article on What An In-House Coaching Team Needs: 5 steps for setting it up By Fiona Passantino 

MAY 7, 2023
Guest blog post on Expat Nest:
“Is Quiet Quitting Affecting You Too?” By Fiona Passantino


MARCH 14 – 15, 2023
The Future of Work and Business Resiliency Virtual Summit

Fiona and other industry leaders speak at a virtual summit on HR, engagement and business resiliency matters.

Dutch Buzz Den HaagFM

A new handbook on Post-Covid Engagement for executives combines storytelling with research-driven guidelines for improving internal communications and engagement in the post-pandemic world.  Lily-Anne Stroobach spoke to its author, Fiona Passantino.

MediaWise Interview with Emma Robson

Looking ahead to Women’s Day, a new podcast series – Women Who Dare – about women who follow their inner voice and talents in creating new businesses that bring them recognition and happiness. As our guest Fiona Passantino, employee engagement strategist, explains in the first episode,  happiness within large multinationals has become an elusive notion in 2023.

Thursday 16 February 2023
16:00 – 17:30
Theme this month: Leadership
Guest speakers: Fiona Passantino on The Habits of High Visibility Leaders and Bradley Charbonneau on becoming the expert via independent publishing, getting it done, getting it out there.

Internal Communications Interview with Fiona Passantino
“As the war for talent heats up, we need to rely on our powers of communication to express purpose, vision, and connection to keep everyone on board.”
By Aaron Saint John, 28 January 2023

Julie Kennedy’s Fabulous After Fifty.
Talking to the author of the Handbook for Post-Covid ENGAGEMENT. Six easy steps to drive engagement in your team or business or even in your family.

Online workshop: Engage, Connect, Inspire your teams, a Roadmap for Leaders by
FEB 8, 2023 from 11:00-12:00 EST, online
We are suffering from a crisis of burnout, attrition, and shortage of personnel across all sectors. This condition has been building for years; the pandemic revealed the truth about our toxic working environments. How do we inspire, inform and connect a working community, build a culture of trust and motivation to keep people onboard and rowing together? A fun-based, highly visual presentation that offers a road map for leaders and HR professionals of any organization, at any level help build a more engaged and inspired community.

Unleashing Employee Voice for Business Success Panel
Radical Listening and building a sustainable plan for Employee Engagement

Covid changed everything about how we live and work. The Post-Covid Handbook series will guide you through that change.


BOOK 1: Post-Covid Communication

Storytelling has been with us for millennia. Ever since the first cave-dweller accentuated their stories with paintings and carvings, using metaphor and mysticism, informing, entertaining and building that all-important emotional connection necessary to our survival. Now, those skills are more useful than ever as we tell our stories in the post-Covid workplace: communication advice for anyone with a story to tell.




BOOK 2: Post-Covid Engagement

Engagement is about bringing our best selves to the office, being heard, supported, feeing irreplaceable and free. This book is a road map for leaders at any level, at any organization, telling the story of Covid, offering a clear, research-driven roadmap towards our future of work. This is a book about engagement at work, written for this time in our history.

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