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Many years ago, an American college kid packed her bags for a junior year abroad. She never returned. Fiona has lived all over Europe and is settled in the Hague with her family.

Fiona is passionate about improving our workplace communication. A visual communication specialist and corporate Storyteller, Fiona helps some of the largest multinationals improve engagement and workplace communication. Now, the focus is on our Post-Covid futures; educating and coaching communicators during the transition to the post covid context.

Post-Covid communication is about taking complex concepts and making them clear to normal people with visuals, animation and half the text. Using empathy, deep listening skills for an iterative conversation. And going mobile-first.

Fiona has worked for PostNL, NationaleNederlanden, Achmea and others as a Creative Lead, head of training, Senior Communications Officer, Explainer-in-Chief and finally Senior Engagement Manager for Philips.

In 2020, Fiona did something truly crazy. She went back to school to get an MBA at the University of Amsterdam. There, she ran the infamous experiment on workplace communication and digital training on her PostNL colleagues.

This book tells the story of the experiment and the story of Covid-19.

Fiona began as a writer and an old school visual artist making large-scale installations, illustrations and comics. She got into game design in Vienna, where she first learned about animation and adventure learning, went on to web and graphic design, eLearning. She’s likely at a café somewhere with her MacBook open, a hot soy flat white by her side.

fiona passantino
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