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The free edition is an illustrated taster of the Handbook for Post-Covid Communication, including tips for effective messaging in our fully-remote world.

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Designed to be read on a smartphone in less time than it takes to hear the results of your latest PCR test, The Handbook for Post Covid Communication is a guidebook for improve workplace communication, made for this moment in history.

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Covid-19 blew into our cities and towns. It emptied our schools and offices, closed our shops and restaurants, and changed the way we live and work. The pandemic has shown us what it means to be isolated, disconnected and alone.

As we flatten our curves and crawl out of lockdown, it’s time to survey the damage and rebuild our world with purpose and intention.

Now it’s time to get used to the “New Normal”; to design our post-covid workplaces with intention. Improve our workplace communication. Get the book.

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