Making ChatGPT Your B*tch

Leaders today need to be visible. Not just physically present for their teams but digitally, producing posts and thought leadership content for internal and external audiences. When words are needed, ChatGPT can help. Refine for accuracy, voice and coherence, it’s a tool that can help raise your profile and get your message out. Five ways to use it and five best practices to make it your own.

The True Cost of our Disengagement

Whether by layoff, reorg or attrition, many businesses underestimate the true cost of losing talent, which goes beyond the obvious visible, “hard” expenses of payouts, fees, recruiting and training new employees. The “soft”, unseen costs are dips in productivity, customer service, morale and the depreciation of culture. Seeing the costs and moving to a more efficient model of re-sue, re-purpose and re-skilling.

From “Single Use” to “Recycle” Mindset

We have a use-once-and-throw-away mindset. This goes for both plastics and people. Companies exhale and inhale staff based on an annual cycle, but since nothing ever disappears, this is a losing strategy. The plastic comes back into our drinking water and the discarded employee will soon be working for your supplier, your client or… your competition. Learn how to reuse, recycle and reduce for sustainable cost cutting and a truly people-first culture.

Ramadan at Work: A Guide for Getting it Right

Ramadan kareem! If you work in a diverse, international organization, chances are a portion of your workforce will be practicing Muslims; for an entire month starting March 22-23 (depending on the moon), they will refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sundown. A few small actions state loud-and-clear that your culture is one of curiosity, respect and celebration of diversity. Five small and easy ways to make Ramadan great for everyone.

Managing Rebels: Who They Are and What They Need

Managing Rebels: Who They Are and What They Need
We all have one. The brash, high-performer with the big mouth. A fountain of radical ideas, constantly pushing back against the status quo. He bends the rules, ignores advice and does things his own way. Emotional, intense and stubborn, he takes your time and upsets others. You secretly wish he would just quit. But Creative Rebels bring something special to the workplace and are a fountain of energy, ideas and passion that can be positively channeled into your most loyal supporter. Eight ways to unlock the value in your Rebel.

Reaching the Factory Floor

For many multinationals, internal communication is split between the office workers and those on the factory floor. Plant and field workers have some of the hardest jobs and provide core value for the company. Yet this group shows low engagement and out of touch with the organization. Who are these workers, and what do they need? Learn the secret weapon to inform, engage and connect this group.

Habits of High-Visibility Leaders

Often, our top-level leaders live in another world; they work at the same company with the same goals, vision and share the same elevators, but are invisible to the community working for them. How can leaders increase their presence, visibility, and interaction with the people making the company run, and still meet the needs of other stakeholders, clients, partners and board members? Six easy ways to start.


Speakers’ Pools are a great way to jump-start the process of fattening the leadership pipeline; taking very fresh voices and training them for very high-profile public speaking roles from a very early age. It’s a triple win: engagement goes up across the board, employer marketing gets a boost and it feels like a cool place to work for everyone. The CEOs are happy; one less thing to do. And the MCs? Engaged for life.