From “Single Use” to “Recycle” Mindset

We have a use-once-and-throw-away mindset. This goes for both plastics and people. Companies exhale and inhale staff based on an annual cycle, but since nothing ever disappears, this is a losing strategy. The plastic comes back into our drinking water and the discarded employee will soon be working for your supplier, your client or… your competition. Learn how to reuse, recycle and reduce for sustainable cost cutting and a truly people-first culture.

Celebrating Ramadan at Work and Getting it Right

If you work in a diverse, complex, international organization, chances are a portion of your working community will be practicing Muslims. This means, for an entire month starting in the spring (depending on the moon), those who practice will refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sundown. A few small actions state loud-and-clear that your culture is one of curiosity, respect and celebration of diversity. Five tiny, easy ways to make Ramadan great for everyone.

Managing Rebels: Who They Are and What They Need

Managing Rebels: Who They Are and What They Need
We all have one. The brash, high-performer with the big mouth. A fountain of radical ideas, constantly pushing back against the status quo. He bends the rules, ignores advice and does things his own way. Emotional, intense and stubborn, he takes your time and upsets others. You secretly wish he would just quit. But Creative Rebels bring something special to the workplace and are a fountain of energy, ideas and passion that can be positively channeled into your most loyal supporter. Eight ways to unlock the value in your Rebel.