What's happening Post-Covid?

The Hague Pearls – Fiona Passantino

For some of us the learning curve in digital workplace communication has been steep. Without digital communication we would have been truly isolated and even out of a job! Visual communication specialist and corporate storyteller Fiona Passantino introduces The Post Covid Handbook to Lily-Anne Stroobach, who interviewed her for String of Pearls on DutchbuzZ.

FRIDAY JUNE 11 2021, 17:00 CET: Women’s Business Initiative (WBII) welcome borrel with special guest

A wonderful opportunity to connect with each other and learn from a specialist. Fiona Passantino will be sharing her tips on workplace communication and introducing a new kind of guide for post-Covid messaging.

Radio Podcast interview with Fiona Passantino, “Fabulous After Fifty” Understanding Post-Covid Communication

This podcast is for all women wanting to make the most of their lives, improving their communication. Fiona joins us to inspire women on a range of topics relevant to our tribe.

THURSDAY MAY 27: Unleashing Innovation in Internal Digital Communications Change Management Summit

Join the two-day summit and learn from cross-industry leaders surrounding key trends and innovative approaches to developments and challenges to our workplace communication, engagement and the road back to “normal” post-covid. Fiona presents her book and shares tips for tomorrow’s messaging.